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With just 2.50 euros per month you can support the work of Naturefund. You will be helping us to protect habitat for the variety of the species. You can of course also choose to make this donation tax-deductible.

We buy land for nature - join us!


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Please note that as an extra addition, your sponsorship is tax-deductible. Approximately eight weeks following the end of the tax year, you will receive a confirmation from us detailing all of the contributions you have made in that year. 



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Non-profit status

Naturefund is a registered charity and is listed in the Wiesbaden register of companies under the number VR 3739.

In October 2012, certified accountants audit Naturefund. The results of the audit certify the respectability of our work. Only 20% of donations for projects were used for Naturefund's administration.

Rabatt für Mitglieder

Jedem Mitglied von Naturefund gibt der Wildpark Schwarze Berge Rabatt. Bei Vorlage des Mitgliedsausweises und eines Coupons sparen Sie 1,50 EUR vom Tageseintrittspreis.

Coupon zum Ausdrucken

Steuernummer 43/250/76281 • VR 3739 • Registergericht Wiesbaden • Ust-IdNr. DE293241718

P. S.: Ihre Spende kann steuerlich geltend gemacht werden

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