Schreiben von Naturefund, 3.5.2013

Schreiben von Naturefund am 3.5.2013, nachdem Anthony Arnold die Naturefund Wald Netzwerk Partner direkt ansprach:

Re. Transparency, 3.5.3013


Some of our partners told us, that on 8.4.2013 you addressed them directly with the same accusations on behalf of Naturefund as in your email from 5.2.2013. We remind you that we answered you on 13.2.2013 and disproved all of your accusations referring to our two contracts. You never answered to us.

Anthony, your decision to behave like this makes it impossible for us and for any of our partners to cooperate with you. One of the most important aspects in our work is trust, reliability and open communication. You showed clearly that you respect none of it.

We presented our contracts and our correspondance transparently to our partners. We remind you once again of our emails from 13.2.2013 and from 18.3.2013. Referring to the contracts you signed you have to pay back 20.140,00 EUR on the account of Naturefund until 13.05.2013.

Kind regards
Katja Wiese

Chairman Naturefund e. V.