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Looking into the distance ...

Looking into the distance ...

Photo: Dr. C. H. Fried

In choosing to sponsor our projects, you can either protect land for the great variety of species or plant trees and replenish habitat.

Sponsoring land

With a land sponsorship you will be saving habitat for the great variety of the species.

The destruction of habitat causes a great deal of damage to a whole host of species. Buying land is one of the most secure and also often one of the quickest ways of protecting natural habitat.

Project map informs about the habitat

For each project that is currently ongoing we have provided a map which gives detailed information on the characteristics and unique features in that area. 

You can choose whether with 5 euros, 20 euros or more, you would like to protect land for nature.

The price of land varies according to location, whether it is close to a highly populated area in Europe or in the plateaus of the Andes. The project map will calculate for you automatically how many square metres in a particular project you will be saving with your contribution.

Change of ownership in order to protect nature

Naturefund always works closely with local nature protection organisations, most of which later take over the management and ownership of the land.

With the change of ownership and through close co-operation with our partner we ensure, that the area purchased is left to develop undisturbed in its natural state.

Sponsoring Tree-planting

Sponsoring tree-planting projects costs just 6 euros. With this contribution we are able to help to establish tree nurseries and plant one tree.

Every reforestation project also has its own project map, with more details on the characteristics and unique features of each area. On reforestation projects we also work closely with nature protection organisations and people from the area.

Sponsorship codes and newsletters

When you sponsor a particular project you will receive an individual sponsorship code which will give you access to the project maps. This will allow you virtual access to the particular piece of land you have saved or the tree you have planted.

We will also keep you up-to-date on the progress of your project with regular newsletters. Early next year you will receive a donation receipt detailing all of the donations you have made this year.  

We are also happy to accept direct donations:

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