Meaningful gifts

For company parties or birthdays: give something meaningful, for instance a tree or a piece of nature. Such a gift, together with a certificate or post card, can bring a lot of joy.

Save land for the grey crane for only € 5

Plant a tree in Madagascar for € 6

Naturefund is planting trees in the rainforest of Madagascar. The former jungle has nearly been cut down for the exploitation of fire wood and is constantly in danger of being burned down as well. To counteract this development Naturefund is planting trees in the highland and lowland rainforest of Madagascar.

Join us! With only 6 € you plant a tree in Madagascar.

Tree with certificate

View tree certificate

Give a tree as a gift



Plant an old species of apple tree for EUR 25

Over 40,000 fruit trees grow in and around Wiesbaden. Many orchards are no longer maintained and have fallen into disrepair. The old fruit trees are gradually dying and with them go some well-adapted, domestic fruit types.

€ 5 will help us to secure 1 m² of fruit orchard, € 25 to purchase a new apple tree!

Orchard certificate

View the apple tree certificate

Give a fruit tree

Service by Naturefund

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