Klima schützen und Bäume pflanzen

Wie viel COverbrauchen Sie beim Wohnen, Essen, Reisen oder Autofahren? Einfach ausrechnen, Bäume pflanzen und das Klima schützen. Oder gleich: Bäume direkt pflanzen

CO2 Calculator - Car

Do you know how much CO2 your car produces and how many trees you need to plant in order to cancel this out?

CO2 Calculator - Home

How much CO2 does your heating and electricity generate?

CO2 Calculator - Flying

Aeroplanes emit large amounts of CO2, and that's why they have such a big influence on the climate.

CO2 Calculator - Food

How much CO2 does your lifestyle and the food you eat produce? Find out with this simple CO2 calculator.