Sponsoring Naturefund

Swallowtail butterfly

Swallowtail butterfly

Photo: Dr. C. H. Fried

By sponsoring Naturefund, you are helping to protect vital habitat for a great variety of species. You could also choose to contribute to specific land-buying projects and help to protect an area forever, or you could plant a tree with us and help to replenish natural habitats.

Sponsor Naturefund and protect nature

In choosing to sponsor Naturefund, you are helping to buy land for nature and therefore protect it for the long-term. Buying land is one of the most reliable and also often one of the quickest ways to permanently ensure the protection of habitat for a great variety of species.

Through close co-operation with local partners, we are able to say with certainty that in the areas we protect, nature is able to develop undisturbed. 

Help to restore nature to its natural state!

Some of the habitats purchased by Naturefund have been partly destroyed and there, together with local people, we endeavour to save the land and return it to a natural balance. In terms of fighting climate change, Naturefund concentrates above all on reforestation.

By sponsoring a tree, you could get involved and directly support our projects to restore nature to its natural state.

How will my sponsorship be used?

80% of your sponsorship will be used to directly support Naturefund projects and the project work.

The remaining 20% will be used to encourage more people to join us in current and future Naturefund projects, as we continue in our bid to protect nature for the long-term.

If the amount of donations received should exceed the amount that has been agreed upon the project, the surplus sum will be transfered to Naturefund's land purchase funds in order to finance further conservation projects.

It's your choice 

With a one-off sponsorship there is no obligation to support us further and fundamentally it is one-off sponsorships that allow us to exist and go forwards. With just 5 euros you could protect habitat, or for 6 euros plant a tree.

You are also however, more than welcome to support us on an annual, biannual or even monthly basis. You may cancel your support at any time by email, post or by picking up the telephone.

Once every two months we will contact you by email to let you know how the project you have sponsored is progressing.

How can I sponsor Naturefund?

It is very easy to support Naturefund, just click on the 'Saving land' or 'Planting trees' link below. This will take you to a map of our current projects and there you will see a purple 'Become a sponsor' button. When you click on this button, a form will appear for you to complete. Please note that your details will be protected by SSL encryption.  

You can of course choose to make your donations tax-deductible. At the beginning of the coming year we will send you a donation receipt which will cover all contributions made to Naturefund in this year.

We buy land for nature -  Join us!