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Reforestation in the Andes, Bolivia

Size: Valley of Cochabamba
Location: Tunari National Park, the Andes
Feature: Reforestation with dynamic agroforestry
Project saved: Phase 1+2 finished, phase 3 started
Partner: AGRECOLES Andes and ECO-SAF

Reforestation in Madagascar

Size: Forest protection and reforestation
Location: Northeast of Madagascar in Makirovana and Oronjia
Feature: Unique diversity of species
Project saved: April 2018
Partner: Missouri Botanical Garden and Tsiry

Reforestation in Malawi

Size: Forest protection and reforestation
Location: In the Nantipwili river valley closed to Blantyre, South Malawi
Feature: Remains of rain forest with the very rare bast palm
Project saved: Start: June 2017 - active
Partner: Ecolodgy

Afforestation in the Cantabrian Mountains Northern Spain

Size: Mountain range to 480 km in length
Location: Nortnern spain
Feature: Protection of the last brown bears
Project saved: Start: August 2015
Partner: FAPAS

Reforestation with bats in Costa Rica

Size: 2 ha
Location: Reforestation with bats
Feature: Protection of coastal rainforest
Project saved: Start: September 2015
Partner: Fundación de la Universidad de Golfito

Reforestation in Romania

Size: Field trials in dynamic agroforestry
Location: On the campus of University Banat, Timișoara
Feature: First trial in East Europe
Project saved: Start: November 2016 - active
Partner: Greeneducare

Klimawald in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hesse

Size: 35.000 m²
Location: Cologne, Bonn and Wiesbaden
Feature: Ein neuer Wald entsteht im einzigartigen Grüngürtel
Project saved: November 2016
Partner: toom Baumarkt, ISOVER

Forest protection in Bulgaria

Size: Camera traps and monitoring
Location: Border between Macedonia and Bulgaria
Feature: Home of big carnivores
Project saved: Start: 2016
Partner: EURid and EuroNatur

Adenauer brook Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Size: 200 trees planted 3 km alongside Adenauer brook
Location: Close to Adenau
Feature: Small corridor for the migration of species
Project saved: November 2013
Partner: BUND Ahrweiler, EURid

Brook Wirft Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Size: 100 trees planted 3 km alongside Adenauer brook
Location: Close to the city of Adenau and Nürburgring
Feature: Small corridor for the migration of species
Project saved: March 2013
Partner: BUND Ahrweiler, EURid

Reforestation in Madagascar

Size: 3 tree nurseries created and 25,000 trees planted
Location: The south-west of Madagascar
Feature: Reforestation and protection of the Spiny Thicket forest
Project saved: December 2012
Partner: Ho'Avy

Reforestation of service trees, Germany

Size: 500 trees planted on 4,500 m²
Location: Calden, Hesse
Feature: The service tree is very rare in Germany
Project saved: November 2012
Partner: Hessenforst, EURid

Reforestation in Europe

Size: 30,000 trees
Location: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Feature: Replant indigenous forests
Project saved: Bad Orb: april 2008, Mistelbach & Jolimont: march 2009
Partner: Michelin

Reforestation in Germany

Size: 50,000 trees and bushes
Location: Cologne, Kelkheim (in the Taunus mountains) and others
Feature: Replant indigenous forests
Project saved: November 2007
Partner: Kaiser's Tengelmann, Pro 7

Reforestation in Honduras

Size: 105,283 trees
Location: Patuca rainforest
Feature: One of the last great rainforests of Central America
Project saved: March 2015
Partner: Asociación Patuca

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