Reforestation in the Andes in Bolivien

Size: 40,000 trees
savedsaved: 14,878 not yet savednot yet saved: 25,122
godparents: 706  so far donated: 88,924 €

Plant a tree in the Andes

The Tunari National Park in Bolivia was set up in order to protect the forests on the Eastern range of the Andes cordillera. However, the forest have been cut down completely and the rare Andean Condor and the camelid Vicuña disappeared. Also farmers try to safe-guard their survival with basic agriculture. But the soil is barren and water is in short supply. In 2014 we started to plant trees with the people. Our aim was to create edible forests - thanks to 559 sponsors we finally reached our goal and planted 10.000 trees!