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Flowering meadows in Wiesbaden

Size: 10.000 m²
Location: Wiesbaden East
Feature: Protection of native, threatened insect diversity
Project saved: Start Spring 2018
Partner: Naturefund

Hamberger Moor in lower saxony, Germany

Size: 85.000 m²
Location: North of Bremen, near Worpswede
Feature: Small pieces of a former high-moor, with grey cranes
Project saved: Started April 2017
Partner: Nabu Hambergen

Orchards in Hesse, Germany

Size: 40,000 fruit trees & 5,000 m² for new plantations
Location: Wiesbaden, Hesse
Feature: Old fruit trees and endangered species
Project saved: Land purchase June 2015, care measures continued
Partner: Association for orchards and BUND Wiesbaden

Bedrohte Äskulapnatter in Hesse

Size: 3.000 m²
Location: in Germany
Feature: The endangered Aesculapius lives here.
Project saved: April 2017
Partner: Naturschutzhaus Wiesbaden

Kirr Island in Germany

Size: 74,920 m² (Oct. '16) - 95.789 m² (May '17) - 108.750 m² (Aug. '17)
Location: In a lagoon of the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
Feature: Unique breeding ground for see- and coastal birds.
Project saved: 2. Kirr project Sep. 2016, 1. Kirr project July 2012
Partner: Nationalpark of West Pomerania

Poor grassland in Hesse

Size: 20,000 m²
Location: in Germany
Feature: The rare butterfly purple-edged copper and Arnica montana
Project saved: August 2016
Partner: Apollo e. V. and HGON

Old Beech Forest in Germany

Size: 157,781 m²
Location: North East Thuringia
Feature: Beach forest, close to the nearly natural virgin forest.
Project saved: January 2015
Partner: Naturstiftung David

Low moor in Bavaria

Size: 57.033m²
Location: South of the Danube and close to Ingolstadt
Feature: The curlew is breeding here
Project saved: November 2014
Partner: Donaumoos Zweckverband

Species-rich grassland in Hesse, Germany

Size: 7.898 m²
Location: Krebsbachtal, Hesse
Feature: Habitat for the rare red-backed shrike
Project saved: October 2014
Partner: HGON

Hillside spring fen in Bavaria, Germany

Size: 8,853 m²
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Feature: Important network between surrounding moors
Project saved: May 2014
Partner: Association Foundation Wilde Argen

Wild hills in Germany

Size: 503,480 m²
Location: North East Thuringia, Germany
Feature: Wild hills as natural buffer zone for ancient beech forests.
Project saved: December 2013
Partner: Naturstiftung David

Ancient Beech Forest in Germany

Size: 210,718 m²
Location: North East Thuringia
Feature: Beach forest, primeval forest-like.
Project saved: October 2013
Partner: Naturstiftung David

Riparian forest in Germany

Size: 15,980 m²
Location: Near the Beuren monastery next to Leinefelde, Thuringia.
Feature: Ideal breeding place for the rare kingfisher.
Project saved: January 2013
Partner: NABU Obereichsfeld and the IG Wald

Beaver biotope in Germany

Size: 7,898 m²
Location: Oberzell, east Hesse
Feature: Beaver lives here, good to populate other areas.
Project saved: October 2012
Partner: HGON Main-Kinzig

Protection of the Hehnes Meadow in Germany

Size: 12,566 m²
Location: close to Darmstadt
Feature: The Hehnes Meadows was originally a vast wet meadow.
Project saved: August 2011
Partner: NABU Dieburg

Second Lapwing wet meadow in Germany

Size: 5,662 m²
Location: Main-Kinzig area, in the middle of the flood plains of the Kinzig river
Feature: Meadow landscape provide optimal living conditions for the Lapwing.
Project saved: February 2011
Partner: HGON

Forest protection in Nicaragua

Size: Protection of 140, 000 m² tropical dry forest
Location: In the canyon of Rio Grande de Carazo in the south-west
Feature: The canyon provides optimal living conditions for the Jaguarundi.
Project saved: Start 2010
Partner: ADECA

Lapwing wet meadow in Hesse, Germany

Size: 9,770 m²
Location: Main-Kinzig area, in the middle of the flood plains of the Kinzig river
Feature: Meadow landscape provide optimal living conditions for the Lapwing
Project saved: May 2010
Partner: HGON

Forest Protection in Bolivia

Size: 120.000 m²
Location: The Bolivian highlands
Feature: The endangered Red-fronted Macaw breeds here.
Project saved: December 2010
Partner: Asociación Armonia

Land for the Beaver in Hesse, Germany

Size: 3,654 m²
Location: in Sinntal, east Hesse
Feature: Three to four beavers are converting the landscape into a wetland
Project saved: February 2010
Partner: GNA, Association for Nature Conservation and Wetlands

Hunting Ground for Owls in Hesse, Germany

Size: 7,640 m²
Location: near Limburg
Feature: An Owl pair breeds closeby and regularly hunts here
Project saved: December 2009
Partner: Hessian Society for Ornithology and Nature Protection

Meadow orchard in Hesse, Germany

Size: 3,497 m²
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Feature: The rare Little Owl breeds here
Project saved: June 2008
Partner: Hessian Society for Ornithology and Nature Protection

Fenland in Brandenburg, Germany

Size: 18,860 m²
Location: Brandenburg, 65 km northeast of Berlin
Feature: Rare fen with beech groves and wetlands
Project saved: July 2007
Partner: DieTierPaten®

Wetland area in the Eifel Mountains, Germany

Size: 2,662 m²
Location: The Sahrbach valley in the Eifel mountains, Rhineland-Palatinate
Feature: The endangered Agile Frog now has a protected habitat
Project saved: November 2006
Partner: BUND of Rhineland-Palatinate

Beechforest in Hesse, Germany

Size: 55,839 m²
Location: In the southern Vogelsberg mountains
Feature: Rare bat species nesting in ancient trees
Project saved: July 2006
Partner: NABU Steinau

Marshland in North Hesse, Germany

Size: 92,004 m²
Location: North Hesse, on the Thuringian border
Feature: A large colony of Grey Herons nests here
Project saved: July 2005
Partner: NABU Wildeck-Obersuhl

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