Klimaschutz mit Ihrer Firma - das Naturefund Blue Planet Certificate

Naturefund Blue Planet Certificate

Naturefund Blue Planet Certificate

Photo: Naturefund

Naturefund developed the Naturefund Blue Planet Certificate to make it easy for anyone to do something for climate protection.

Climate protection certificate

With the Blue Planet Certificate, Naturefund created a climate protection certificate that is easy to understand, transparent and effective. With just a few clicks and a small monthly payment you can receive the certificate for your online shop, your website or your shop.

Naturefund use your contribution to protect and renaturate natural ecosystems. Our calculations on how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed by each biotope or implemented measure are based on UN data (UNFCC), for instance through reforestation or moor renaturation.

The tree as the most well-known symbol

We selected the tree for our climate protection measures as the most prevalent symbol, but we shall also renaturate moors, restore nutrient-poor grasslands or conserve river systems. A tree acts as compensator for 500 kg of CO2 and costs €6.00 plus VAT. You can transparently see what we are using your contribution for at any time on your account or on the Naturefund website.

Of interest to retailers: According to a study performed in 2012 by the E-Commerce Centre Handel in Cologne, this seal of approval has a positive effect on an online shop's trustworthiness and can increase sales by 23%.