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08 January 2018, Naturefund

The agroforestry congress in Arani

At the end of November the agroforestry congress took place in Arani, Bolivia. Thanks to generous donors, 25 small farmers were able to participate and to further study the dynamic agroforestry. … more

01 January 2018, Naturefund

Naturefund wishes a happy new year 2018

The old year, already leaving, it is fading away in time. And at the threshold a new year is waiting, ready for us to shine. … more

12 December 2017, Naturefund

Madagascar - 12,000 trees and it continues!

Incredible! The last weeks, so many people supported our project. Together with all project partners, we have now decided to increase the target to 18,000 trees. … more

08 November 2017, Naturefund

Final sprint in the Madagascar project

Thanks to 900 donators, we are getting closer and closer to our goal of 12,000 trees. Join in and help securing the remaining 1,700 trees … more

28 October 2017, Naturefund

CO2 concentration increased rapidly

Sad record increase over the last 3 years, also because the Earth's forests have neutralized less CO2. … more

13 September 2017, Naturefund

Back to the roots - independence through dynamic agroforestry

How sustainable agriculture positively affects the life of Bolivian farmer Alejandro Rojas. … more

25 August 2017, National Park Vorpommern

Island Kirr in focus

Our project on the island of Kirr was already secured in 2012 and further square meters of land were added in 2016 to our protection area. … more

21 July 2017, Naturefund

Plastic waste - a threat to our environment

For some time now, it is no longer just consumers or NGOs who are concerned about the impact of plastics on our environment. Since 2016, the new EU directive has come into force. … more

08 June 2017, Naturefund

Reifenberger Wiesen honored as a project of the UN Decade of Biodiversity

The award was handed over in Wiesbaden by city council Andreas Kowol from the environmental department Wiesbaden. … more

01 May 2017, Naturefund

Norway sets on electric cars

2025 already, new cars only with an electric engine are to going to be approved in Norway. This is the goal the Scandinavian country has set for the future. Electric car drivers are already now enjoying many … more

Displaying results 1 to 10 out of 156