The Naturefund team

Katja Wiese, Managing Director

Photo: Sylvie Tricot

Katja Wiese brings the Naturefund network together in order to buy and protect habitat for nature through a combined effort.

Axel Schübeler, Marketing

Photo: Naturefund

Axel Schübeler gestaltet mit Partnern und Sponsoren kreative Marketingideen, um mit vereinten Kräften die Schönheit und Vielfalt dieser Erde zu erhalten.

Hartmut Witte, Foundations

Photo: Naturefund

Hartmut Witte gestaltet Naturschutzprojekte gemeinsam mit Unternehmen und Stiftungen.

Falk Berger, IT Project Manager

Photo: Naturefund

Falk Berger designs and brings to life the key feature of Naturefund's work, the website, thereby creating the possibility of supporting worldwide conservation projects.

Noemi Stadler-Kaulich, manage the research farm Mollesnejta

Photo: Stadler

Already 1978 Noemi had the dream to reforest the bare hills of the Tunari mountains. Together with Naturefund she now realizes this dream.

Jimmy Razafitsalama, project coordinator in Madagascar

Photo: Missouri Botanical Garden

Jimmy Razafitsalama from Madagascar, promotes dinamic agroforestry in Madagascar to restrain nature degradation and to save biodiversity.

Sebastian Fitz, Marketing

Photo: Naturefund

Sebastian Fitz coordinates our marketing activities. Next to steering our Naturefund campaigns, he manages our communication channels and allows our supporters to have a tight relationship with our projects.